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DFIT Wellhead Data-Logging

The DFIT (Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test, aka Mini-Frac) has become the primary transient test for ultra-low permeability shales being developed today. Because conventional wells have been largely replaced by tight gas, the DFIT has moved to the top of the list in transient testing.  The fluid contains no proppant so that the fracture can relax and close naturally when pressure is released.

The intent is to break down the formation to create a short fracture during the injection period, and then observe closure of the fracture system during the ensuing fall-off period. These tests are typically performed immediately prior to the main fracture treatment, to obtain design parameters for the Frac, such as fracture closure pressure, fracture gradient, fluid lead-off coefficient, fluid efficiency, formation permeability and reservoir pressure.

The Buffalo Head Energy Services (BHES) DFIT Wellhead Data-Logging system is the combination of best-in-class pressure, temperature and logging hardware.  We employ  IoT technologies to deliver wireless connectivity to the wellhead during DFIT operations. The volume of fluid pumped during DFIT is critical to the well analysis.  BHES’s DFIT wellhead data-logging system provides a secondary high resolution method of verifying pumping information with cumulative flow and pressure data, integrated into a single data file, instead of multiple data files, formats and locations. The wellhead data-logging solution enables operators and consultants to log and view data in a real-time IoT environment.

 The BHES DFIT system utilizes a high-density quartz-based data logger, which broadcasts a 2.4GHz, 802.11 signal to support browser-based configuration and monitoring, so operators can view data locally (within 300ft radius) on smart devices and laptops. Simultaneously, the data logger transmits the data over a cellular or satellite signal, to a web portal, where remote monitoring and analysis is available to multiple subscribers. Site managers no longer need to have a field hand using a walkie-talkie to call in status updates.

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Data-Logging During DFIT
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