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Frac-Hit Monitoring

Offset Well Monitoring

The ROAM (Remote Observation, Alarming & Measurement) Frac-Hit Monitoring System is the integration of wireless pressure transmitters with an IoT enabled wellhead data-logger to monitor offset wells for Frac-Hits. The ROAM system capitalizes on IoT technologies to provide data-logging, alarming and notification to engineers and operators via cell phones, tablets and laptops, both on-site and remotely, in real-time. Moreover, the ROAM system provides a historical data log that can be queried to generate historical reports and trend charts. Real-time data monitoring, logging and alarming, coupled with historical report generation, allows customers to sit back and manage data at their fingertips.Frac-Hit monitoring is additionally performed during fracturing operations to provide critical real-time wireless monitoring of nearby wells (offsets) for communications which the industry has named “Frac-Hits”.

Frac-Hits occur when pumping pressure at the fractured well breaks through to nearby wells. The unintentional fracture between wells can create a list of adverse scenarios, including potential loss or damage to ongoing production and subsequent liability. Frac-Hits can create safety concerns that may require operators to provide proof that monitoring was installed, and that appropriate actions were taken to limit the effects of the Frac-Hit.

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