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At Buffalo Head Energy Services (BHES), we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet anyone’s needs. Your projects are too important to try to address your needs with a boiler-plate solution. We buck the trend by relying on the most committed people, the best wireless technology and the brightest minds, to offer tailored solutions and services for our business partners. We put people first, and care about the success of our partners, as much as our own.

BHES provides a very high-tech communication platform, to simplify monitoring of your well pad operations. With wireless sensors and back haul system, we can help reduce overall monitoring costs and assist in your safety initiatives, by eliminating costly cable and conduit. All of the parameters to be monitored, are funneled into one real-time remote user interface. Our wireless gateway system is provided with open-API’s, to allow users to write an API call, to funnel the real-time data directly into their network and modeling or monitoring applications. Wireless technology allows us to provide accurate, complete and dependable wellhead data-logging services during DFIT, wireless frac-hit monitoring & zipper-frac data-logging, wireless flow-back and well test monitoring, and custom wireless well-site monitoring solutions, including full-time production monitoring.

No gimmicks…no inflated claims…just straight-forward honesty and logically applied solutions. Our objective is to exceed your expectations.  From Perforation to Production, Buffalo Head Energy Services has monitoring and logging solutions to fit your needs!


Data comes instantaneously to customer laptops, smart phones, and other IoT-enabled devices.


Data comes in a way that the customer can use immediately, to make reliable decisions.


With data obtained from our services, the customer can make informed decisions to optimize the work, while minimizing risks and expenses.


We're committed to providing the best technology and knowledgeable
personnel to deliver wellhead data-logging and frac-hit monitoring
effectively and efficiently.

Today’s society is addicted to having global information at our fingertips 24/7/365.  More and more, the oil & gas market is becoming a data-driven and data-dependent industry.  Wouldn’t you like to have that same data access to your well-site activities?  Buffalo Head Energy Services can quickly make that a reality.  Your well-site can become an efficient IIoT-enabled site, giving you true real-time access to important decision-making data.

Buffalo Head Energy Services began as a wireless well completion data-logging and monitoring service company…well-head data-logging during DFIT, wireless frac-hit monitoring and zipper-frac monitoring, along with flow-back & well test monitoring.  Over time, we have enhanced and adapted our passive monitoring system to other areas of the well pad. Now, we can use our wireless technology to monitor (in real-time) just about any parameter on your well site, from perforation to production. Furthermore, that data is available in real-time, streaming in up to 1-second resolution, with trending capabilities…onsite with your smart phone or tablet, and remotely through our configurable interface on our web portal. Open API’s allow users to pull raw data directly into their network modeling or monitoring software applications. Moreover, notifications and alarm rules can be configured by the user, with instant texts or emails sent directly to the folks who need to know.

Let’s have a discussion about the benefits and efficiencies that can be applied to your daily activities.

Wellhed Data-Logging During DFIT, Wireless Frac-Hit Monitoring, Zipper-Frac Data-Logging, Toe Prep Monitoring, Flow-Back & Well Test Monitoring, Wireless Production Monitoring
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