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Zipper-Frac Data-Logging & Monitoring

In an effort to maximize the exposure of new reservoir rock, zipper-frac techniques have become preferred methods of fracking two parallel horizontal wells simultaneously, from toe to heel, in alternating stage sequences. Pressure monitoring and high-resolution data-logging of each stage is critical in planning (modeling) subsequent stages. The ROAM (remote observation, alarming & measurement) system provides critical data directly to the frac command van, for immediate data analysis, so the next stages can be modeled and ready to deploy.

Insist on a Buffalo Head Energy Services ROAM system for your next zipper-frac project.

Wellhead Graphic
Wireless Zipper-Frac Monitoring
Wellhed Data-Logging During DFIT, Wireless Frac-Hit Monitoring, Zipper-Frac Data-Logging, Toe Prep Monitoring, Flow-Back & Well Test Monitoring, Wireless Production Monitoring
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